Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
Once in Mykonos’ story is an excellent blend of a glorious past and an auspicious future. It describes the evolution of a notable villa back in time when Mykonos first started to be the favorite adventure among artists, intellectuals and influential people from all over the world. And it still is. Following the destiny of the cosmopolitan island, the villa of a prominent businessman who hosted among other famous Greek personalities, the former PM, Konstantinos Karamanlis, Melina Mercouri, Manos Hatzidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Zoe Laskari, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, Basil and Elise Goulandris, has now been transformed into a luxury hotel aiming at offering guests the experience of being treated as treasured friends. It comes as no surprise that it has been named Once in Mykonos, as it revives the history and the glamour of a fairytale that would start with “Once upon a time in Mykonos”.
In this modern tale, the genuine hospitality and the hotel’s legacy speak for themselves. The elaborate design incorporating the local architecture and the landscape makes the contemporary hotel a destination in itself. The challenge of bringing the beauty of the natural surroundings into the modern hotel has been masterfully achieved, while an extra touch of comfort and coziness creates the feeling of being at home. Gorgeous rooms and suites with a fresh Cycladic style and luxurious features provide a place of absolute bliss and ultimate summertime serenity.
Once Upon A Time
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Once in Mykonos
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